Assembling a trampoline is quick and easy and the result will keep the kids entertained for years to come.

Having a trampoline is like being able to jump on the bed without getting into trouble with your parents. Not only is it great fun for the kids – keeps them entertained for hours and hours – it’s also great exercise for both kids and adults alike.

Builders stocks trampolines in a few different sizes, from 2.4 m to 3.4 m in diameter. No matter the size, they all require some assembly at home. This is done in the same way for all of them.

Let’s use the Bounceking 3 m as an example. It has everything you need for assembly, including all the spanners, hex wrenches, nuts and bolts, etc. It has an extremely well-written step-by-step manual.


Step 1

Position the trampoline on a flat surface – it’s safer and won’t move around as much. Start by laying out the various parts of the frame. Assemble the legs first, following the detailed instructions. (Assembling a trampoline is much easier with two people, so drag in a friend for this.)


Step 2

Once the legs are assembled and bolted together, connect the outer ring poles. These are not bolted together and will be held in place by the tension of the mat.


Step 3

Attach the legs to the outer ring, bolting them together and then lay the mat in position. Make sure the label is facing upwards. Attach the springs to the mat and to the frame using the supplied T-handle. The instructions indicate the easiest way to attach springs – fit a spring and then the spring directly opposite it, rather than trying to move around the mat with springs next to one another. When complete, lay the mat in position to cover the springs, and secure it.


Step 4

Fit the uprights to the frame. Thread the metal rods through the top of the safety net and secure them in place. Lift the net over the trampoline and secure in place. Finally, use the twine to almost sew the net and mat together.

Trampolines are great fun, but some safety protocols should be followed. Position it on a flat surface, as we have already said. If you put it on the lawn, make sure to move it every few days so that the lawn gets enough light.

Ensure that the zip is always closed when the trampoline is being used, so that no one falls out and is injured. It is also recommended that only one person jumps at a time.

A bit of quick and easy maintenance will extend the lifespan of your trampoline – simply spray the springs with Q20 or WD-40 every now and again to keep them rust-free. Also sweep the trampoline regularly to keep stones and twigs from damaging it and don’t allow shoes onto the trampoline. In windy areas, weigh the frame down with sandbags.

It’s as simple as that – a short DIY assembly and unlimited fun the family.

Remember, Builders stocks trampolines as well as other fun outdoor games for the family, both in-store and online at

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