Welcome to Pest Control Handbook. This guide is full of helpful year-round pest control tips, tricks and solutions.

Pest Control Handbook room by room

Room By Room Pest Control Guide

The home. A sacred and special place that requires safety and security against unnecessary visitors. We look at pest control and proofing room-by-room as an essential part of home care, ensuring a healthy and happy living environment for you and your family. Arm yourself with the knowledge and correct pest control to eliminate present and future unwanted pest quests.

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Pest Control Handbook Indoor Plant Care

How To Care For Your Indoor Plants

In addition to defending your home, nourishing and providing the best care for your houseplant is next on our list. We break down the basics for newbie plant parents and for experienced plant lovers with some new solutions to try.

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Pest Control Handbook seasonal pests

Seasonal Pests

While most pests seem to make an entrance at the most inconvenient times, there are some pests that are more likely to appear at certain times of the year than others.

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Pest Control Handbook handbook of pests

Handbook of Pests

While we can’t control everything we’d like in the world, the one place you have the right to have a say – your home. We’ve listed common pests found in and around your home, how to identify them and what symptoms you need to look out for.

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Pest Control Handbook handbook of solutions

Handbook of Solutions

For every pest known to invade the home we strive to provide innovative protective and treatment solutions for household consumers. Since 1973, we have studied pests and produced a broad range of small pack pesticide solutions for insect and rodent prevention needs. Explore our catalogue of effective pest control products to find your next answer for home protection.

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