In this DIY, Andrew Donkin shows you how to sdd a rustic wooden headboard to your bed and transform any bedroom.

Materials you will need

  • Cordless drill
  • Orbital sander
  • Clamps
  • Paintbrush
  • A sheet of 12mm plywood
  • 4mm x 35mm cut screws
  • Wood glue
  • Wood stain and sealer

Cutting List
(these measurement are for a headboard for a double bed – adjust accordingly for other bed sizes)

  • (6) 1420 x 160mm
  • (2) 1500 x 80mm
  • (1) 1000 x 80mm

Step 1

Decide which side of the wood you want to be visible and place that side of all six of the 1420mm planks face down on the work surface.

Step 2

Use a tape measure (or wood offcuts, as spacers) to create the desired space between your planks.

Step 3

Once you have the planks in position, use a pencil to mark out where you will be attaching the legs, approximately 200mm in from each side.

Step 4

Apply wood glue inside the markings, so that it won’t be visible on the final product.

Step 5

Once the wood glue is in place, put the legs back into position and screw in a smooth-shank cut screw to ensure a secure bond and to avoid any gaps between the two surfaces. Repeat the process for the second leg.

Top Tip: Fasten the top and bottom planks to the legs first, to make the headboard more secure when attaching the middle planks.

Step 6

Once both legs are attached to all six planks, attach a third plank in the middle of the headboard to make the construction sturdier and to prevent bowing.

Step 7

Now that the structure is complete, sand the headboard to smooth any rough edges.

Step 8

Stain the headboard and seal it to avoid any damage to the wood. Remember to apply at least two coats of each, allowing each coat to dry in between applications.

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