A bathroom is a harsh environment for wooden furniture, with all the heat and humidity. Protect it with the right products.

Preserving your bathroom vanities
Bathrooms have evolved over the years and are no longer purely functional spaces. These days, they’re designed and crafted into personal sanctuaries, spaces where aesthetics and functionality merge into a tranquil retreat within our homes.

In addition to being a personal haven, a well-maintained, beautiful bathroom will also add value to your home, so it’s worth investing time and effort in them. You don’t want a guest in your home using the bathroom and being greeted by that all-too-familiar sight: a vanity crumbling under the effects of moisture, with doors detached and wonky shelves, do you?

Preserving your bathroom vanities Glaze Coat

Unfortunately, vanities are often made out of chipboard, which is susceptible to moisture damage. To counter this, we’ve found a reliable solution in the Fired Earth range of paints – Glaze Coat.

If your current vanity is too far gone you’ll need to get a new one. Once you’ve done that (remember, Builders has a great range of vanities to choose from), the next step is to make it last. This is where Fired Earth Glaze Coat enters the equation.

This paint is white while wet but dries to a clear, non-yellowing finish and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s crucial to apply this protective layer before any damage occurs, focusing on all parts of the vanity, including the edges, corners and even the inside surfaces, to guard against humidity.

Preserving your bathroom vanities

Fired Earth Glaze Coat Application

Preparation: Before applying the Glaze Coat, ensure the vanity surface is clean, free from dirt and grime and completely dry.

Application: Use a foam roller for a smooth application over large areas and a brush for corners and tight spaces. Two coats should be enough to create an effective moisture barrier.

Drying time: Given the non-porous nature of the vanity surface, allow for a longer drying time.

Finish Options: Though Glaze Coat doesn’t dry to a hard, scratch-resistant finish which makes it less suitable for work surfaces), it’s ideal for side panels and shelves. Both gloss and matte finishes are available.

Preserving your bathroom vanities

What else can I do to look after my vanity?

Sealing your vanity if the most important action to take, but there are a few other things you can do to preserve it: 

  • Silicone seals: Check and maintain the silicone seals around the basin and splashback regularly, to ensure the water doesn’t get into the cupboard.
  • Moisture control: Do simple things like opening windows or installing extractor fans to reduce bathroom humidity.
  • Water spills: For vanities with basins set into countertops, clean up any spills promptly to prevent water from seeping into the chipboard.
  • Installation upgrades: Consider installing shut-off valves for individual water lines and using adjustable metal feet on your vanity to lift it off the floor, reducing the risk of water damage.
Preserving your bathroom vanities
A job like this doesn’t take long or cost much and it can save you in the long run and keep your bathroom looking and feeling like that personal sanctuary. Builders stocks the entire Fired Earth range of paints and associated products, as well as a wide selection of bathroom fixtures and cabinets.
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