At this time of year, many gardens suffer from heat stress or lack of water – or both! Plus, many South African gardens are also faced with watering restrictions, so every drop is precious. If your potted plants, hanging baskets, lawns, and garden beds are looking a little parched, try applying Wonder Waterwise Crystals
to improve the soil’s water-holding capacity. Moist soil makes for happy plants!
Adding Wonder Kelp or Wondersol All Purpose as a dry or wet mix will condition the soil and improve its fertility, reducing water stress in plants and helping them retain their flowers and fruit during hot weather and periods of rapid plant growth. One application will last for two weeks, apply at two weekly intervals.

Application tips:

  • Use Wonder Waterwise Crystals in planting pots, containers and hanging baskets.
  • Measure the number of scoops as directed in the table.
  • Mix thoroughly with compost using a trowel or by hand and fill the bottom three-quarters of the pot.
  • Fill the rest of the container with compost.
  • For best results, water two hours later to ensure the crystals are fully charged.

Are your plants struggling to get adequate hydration?

Even for the most diligent of gardeners, plants will struggle depending on region, season, soil composition, water run-off or even with invasive plants. One solution to this – innovative moisture retention. To solve this problem, our team has developed Wonder Waterwise Crystals. This solution is ideal for not only potted plants, hanging baskets, and flower beds, but also shrubs and trees, lawns, sod and vegetable gardens. With its water-retaining polymer technology, it optimises the water holding capacity of your soil and ultimately reduces the need for frequent irrigation.

Pre-planted pots, containers and hanging baskets

To apply the correct amount of crystals for containers, first poke holes in the surface of the soil or compost. Then, fill with the appropriate amount of Wonder Waterwise Crystals as directed in the table for the size of your pot. Place half a scoop of the crystals in each hole. Water well twice a few hours apart to activate the polymer.

Wet Mixing (Recommended)
It is safest to use the crystals wet instead of dry as the crystals take up substantially more volume once wet.
First, mix 1 tsp (5 g) into 750 ml water of Wondersol All Purpose or Wonder Kelp. Leave for an hour before mixing into 5 L of potting mix. Increase to 2 tsp per 5 L for hanging baskets and other water stress-prone plants.

Sowing seed
Mix 10 g per m2 into the top 50 mm of topsoil, sow seed and water thoroughly.

Laying turf
Evenly spread crystals at 10 g per m2, lay turf and then water.


Referenced from Efekto, Greenfingers: Winter Gardening Guide

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