Here’s a very easy DIY that will add a cool and soothing gurgle to your garden.

Materials you will need:

  • Round planter pot with no drainage hole
  • Tall planter pot with or without a drainage hole
  • Hydro pump (400 litres per hour)
  • Clear plastic tubing (12 x 30mm)
  • Aluminium pipe (19 x 2,5mm)
  • 16mm drill bit
  • Drill
  • Eight bricks
  • Alcolin Filla Foam

Step 1

Clean the pots from debris. Then place the round planter pot where you want your fountain to stand and put the Hydro pump in the centre of the pot. To keep the pump in position, place a brick on either side of it.

Step 2

Connect the clear tubing to the pump.

Top tip: The height of the pipe will determine how bubbly your fountain is – if you’re not happy, simply adjust the pipe and re-seal.

Step 3

If your tall planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, drill one in the centre of its base.

Step 4

Push the tubing through the hole you’ve just drilled. Secure the tubing in the hole with the Alcolin Filla Foam. Place the extra four bricks in the base pot and fill with water. Position the tall planter on top of the bricks.

Step 5

Cut the aluminium pipe to the desired length so that it’s just peeping out of the tall pot. Then push the clear tubing into the pipe until it reaches the bottom of the tall planter’s base. Place two bricks on either side to keep the pipe in position.

Step 6

Fill the tall planter with water and switch on the pump and let the gentle sound of a trickling fountain soothe you.

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